Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ongoing vs. Failed Personal Projects, pt.01

Trying to update on a frequent basis is quite hard.
Gotta get this together.
These first two images are quick sketches of concepts for one of the supporting characters in a personal project. Recently, she was used in an Animation III short (WIP) however, I still do not know if I truly like her design and I am continuing to experiment with it.

Very old concept drawings of a character. It is currently in the back burners of my personal projects and is on the verge of being dropped. I haven't decided and so, it is gonna go here.  

From a time when I was teaching myself Illustrator. 
It is a 'self portrait' with cats that I really should have referenced anatomy for them.
What was wrong with me....

Last but not least, a sketch I did of an OC from another personal project that will probably fall through.
This was a quick sketch/color study for the color scheme of him. 
Very rough but I tend to like that.

With these failed personal projects, I really want to incorporate some of the characters into another project either as 'guest' characters or minor roles.
I don't know.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, More Posts.

I've got more of a laid back semester this time.
I've been doing 18 credit hours every semester since my Freshman year.
At least I'm considered a senior a semester early. 

To start the new school year, here are some concept sketches and story ideas from my Layout and Timing class.
It takes place around a young farmer boy who lives in ancient Egypt

More to come as the project progresses!