Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 4 @___@

In the fourth week of our group project, The Lost Files, the crunch was getting apparent to us. With this, a 'Documentary Deadline' was created. It has a list of what needs to be done by the documentary crew, the date it will be done, and if the job is already done. The list is posted on Google Docs so if you need it, send me a message and you'll get the link.

Along with the deadline that was made, a 'Documentary Script' was produced. This was produced mainly for Palmer who will be editing and putting together the documentary. This document is not necessary to share since it contains the script that Palmer himself will be reading and transition, effects, and what-not needed for editing.

Along with the deadline and script, there is a documentary credits list. This will be composed of pictures labeling who did what and will appear at the end of the documentary. This was a last minute decision due to Emma deciding that having the documentary in front of the short film to present it would not be a good idea and might detract from the finished short film, which is the star.


Deadline Dates That Have Been Decided:
  • Tues: All crew saying 'The Lost Files' for documentary
  • Tues: Re-interview the heads (Tara, Renée)
    • needs better quality
    • consistent lighting
    • better composition
  • All the photos taken of the Crew to be uploaded no later than Friday night
  • Documentary rough Tues/Thurs


The problems that have been encountered this week was absences. With certain people absent  I was not able to talk to them and know how everything was going. With Palmer's absence, I could not give him the video files or script to edit so that set the 'Making of.../Documentary' rough a little behind. 
However, Palmer did show us a completely awesome animatic with sound: Animatic - First Rough With Sound (cannot embed the file at the moment).


This weeks plan is to re-interview the heads, tie up any lose ends, have a rough documentary video done, and anything else that comes to my attention, or informed to me, that needs to get done.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Processing... Week 3

With ANOTHER week gone and the project still charging ahead, here is a synopsis of what has happened and what will be happening.

First things first, the project now has 20 seconds of rough animation done!
To that, here are some links to the roughs: Week 1 Roughs and Animatic Revised.

And now on to editorial matters;
What was done last week was the Heads were interviewed. Niccole H. was the interviewing with a set of fantastic questions created by herself and the documentary crew.
With these questions, there is seriousness with a sprinkle of humour for good measure. And to back up the 'sprinkle of humour', John Baldessari's Documentary had some pretty random questions along with the serious ones.
An example of some of the questions that were asked:

  • Are you a hipster?
  • Have you ever been called a hipster?
  • What was accomplished this week?
  • Have you ran into any problems?
  • What is your favorite Pokémon?

As you can see, the sprinkles are quite lovely. c: (P.S. A full set of the questions asked are on Niccole's blog)

Head of Editorial Interview: Week 3

Now, let's move on to the problems that arose this week (yep, the fun part).
One is attendance. Since I've been taking attendance since week one, I know who's been here and who has not. The problem is that constant repeaters of just not showing up. I know in my department (Editorial), I have not seen pictures from some, I have seen almost NONE of the editing and sound, and others.
The Director, Emma P., has been  informed of the problems that deal with attendance and of any disputes from the crew.


And with all that said, here are links (again) to the videos mentioned above, and other, and some pictures.

Revised Logo
Created by: Colin W.

I was going to post some pictures of the crew that the photographers took but, currently, I am experiencing problems logging into the Dropbox account. Once I resolve this issue, I will post some of the shots.
Lauren F. has a lot of photos posted if you want to look at them. [ link ]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And another week is gone... Week 2

So a little bit late on this post, but it is gonna be awesome. c":

So, this week the project itself is going along pretty well. The Documentary crew is charging ahead and everything is running smoothly. A game plan was given and documentary ideals were thrown around.
The Documentary Director, Niccole, showed a great video that we could base our own documentary about:

It is visually interesting and unique. We are not going to copy it but just use it as a reference.

And unto another advancement this last week!
A website was created (link). In the site, they're currently an About Us and Crew page. I started the About Us page but then Emma finished the description. With the Crew page, I have the Director, Head of Visual, and Head of Editorial at the top with the crew with their individual pictures also and their name with what they are doing.
With an ideal from Palmer, I am going to link the pictures, or maybe the names, to their blogs.
Also, with the site, there is a link to our blogspot and our YouTube.

I created the YouTube so we can upload the animatics, roughs, and the documentary progressions.

Finally with this week, the Dropbox has really taken off and people are starting to upload their work on a daily bases.

As of this week start, we're going to start the basic animation! WhooHoo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Lost Files: Week 1

SO! My project wasn't picked for the Design4Media team project but it doesn't matter. I'm on an awesome team headed by Emma (specifically this).

For the project, I am Head of Editorial. My job is to maintain the blog (The Lost Files), credit/crew list, organize meeting (via Facebook), report to director, etc.

For this weeks achievements I didn't have too much to do but I:

Created the blog:

On the blog, with help from the Scribe, the crew list was created and a list of all the blogs of the crew are listed:
     Crew List

Created a separate Gmail account for this project:

Created a Dropbox so files are easily shared amongst member.

Created a Facebook group for organizing meetings:

That is all for this week since we're just getting started. There will be more info and posts to come when the projects starts getting into high gear!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Design4Media Project Proposal

With the close of my first Design4Media project, the next one begins (and it is HUGE!)
Three big projects will take place, which leads to what this post is about:
My proposal for one of the many projects that could be chosen.

My idea is a film with 2D animation over top.
I related my idea to school and the general life of a student.
To start it off, you know those pesky USB drives and external hard drives we have?
What if they had a personality? What if they could become alive?
Have you ever been forgotten or ever forgotten your drive somewhere after a long, hard, grueling day?
Well, this student did. Staying up in the Cintiq labs until they close, she absent mindedly leaves her USB and her little USB man.
After the lights in the lab go to a dim and no human presence is left, they become alive.
Looking around, they decide they need to get back to their human. So they start their epic journey out of Kinney, across campus, and into Design Square.
With their journey underway, they encounter obstacles and the unknown...

Will they find her? How will they fare in their epic journey?
Well, you’ll see. c:

 So, if you've never been to the Cintiq labs in Kinney, here is some pictures:

Some sketches:

And next, we have our beloved USB man:


Unknown Concepts:

The USB man is very animated, and can think well in tight situations. He is the leader of the duo.
Then the USB drive, him and the man have been together through thick and thin and he is ready to defend when the time might become necessary.

With the basic storyline, let us get to the backbone.
First, the 'Pipeline':

 Director: the person in-charge of the production. They answer the questions and make the           decisions. Their law, besides the Executive Producers, are law. (Renee T.)

Art Direction: the person in-charge of visuals. (Emma P.)
  • Story: main script developer and oversees the storyboard artist(s). (Hillary H.)
  • Visual Dev.: in-charge of the visuals and the character dev. (Jinny H.)
  • Film: reads the storyboard and directors the video team. Also, instructs the video editors with their editing. (Christine P.)
  • Animation: in-charge of reading the storyboard and analyzing the film that is edited. Instructs the keyframers and tweeners what to animate and the size and scale. (Laura M.) (Katie F.)
  • Sound: finds sounds for the animation and balances the film audio and found/made audio.

Editorial: the person in-charge of the production documentation. They oversee all the non-art related aspects. (Tara N.)
  • Publicity: researches competitions and develops any necessary press releases and/or writings.
  • Pipeline: maintains the digital asset archive
  • Branding: generates all of the associated visual identity of he content
  • Documentary Crew: creates the making of' the film

And with that done and explained, ONTO THE TIME CHART! (Hurrah!)

And that concludes this project proposal.
I hope you enjoyed!