Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Lost Files: Week 1

SO! My project wasn't picked for the Design4Media team project but it doesn't matter. I'm on an awesome team headed by Emma (specifically this).

For the project, I am Head of Editorial. My job is to maintain the blog (The Lost Files), credit/crew list, organize meeting (via Facebook), report to director, etc.

For this weeks achievements I didn't have too much to do but I:

Created the blog:

On the blog, with help from the Scribe, the crew list was created and a list of all the blogs of the crew are listed:
     Crew List

Created a separate Gmail account for this project:

Created a Dropbox so files are easily shared amongst member.

Created a Facebook group for organizing meetings:

That is all for this week since we're just getting started. There will be more info and posts to come when the projects starts getting into high gear!

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