Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And another week is gone... Week 2

So a little bit late on this post, but it is gonna be awesome. c":

So, this week the project itself is going along pretty well. The Documentary crew is charging ahead and everything is running smoothly. A game plan was given and documentary ideals were thrown around.
The Documentary Director, Niccole, showed a great video that we could base our own documentary about:

It is visually interesting and unique. We are not going to copy it but just use it as a reference.

And unto another advancement this last week!
A website was created (link). In the site, they're currently an About Us and Crew page. I started the About Us page but then Emma finished the description. With the Crew page, I have the Director, Head of Visual, and Head of Editorial at the top with the crew with their individual pictures also and their name with what they are doing.
With an ideal from Palmer, I am going to link the pictures, or maybe the names, to their blogs.
Also, with the site, there is a link to our blogspot and our YouTube.

I created the YouTube so we can upload the animatics, roughs, and the documentary progressions.

Finally with this week, the Dropbox has really taken off and people are starting to upload their work on a daily bases.

As of this week start, we're going to start the basic animation! WhooHoo.

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