Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Processing... Week 3

With ANOTHER week gone and the project still charging ahead, here is a synopsis of what has happened and what will be happening.

First things first, the project now has 20 seconds of rough animation done!
To that, here are some links to the roughs: Week 1 Roughs and Animatic Revised.

And now on to editorial matters;
What was done last week was the Heads were interviewed. Niccole H. was the interviewing with a set of fantastic questions created by herself and the documentary crew.
With these questions, there is seriousness with a sprinkle of humour for good measure. And to back up the 'sprinkle of humour', John Baldessari's Documentary had some pretty random questions along with the serious ones.
An example of some of the questions that were asked:

  • Are you a hipster?
  • Have you ever been called a hipster?
  • What was accomplished this week?
  • Have you ran into any problems?
  • What is your favorite Pokémon?

As you can see, the sprinkles are quite lovely. c: (P.S. A full set of the questions asked are on Niccole's blog)

Head of Editorial Interview: Week 3

Now, let's move on to the problems that arose this week (yep, the fun part).
One is attendance. Since I've been taking attendance since week one, I know who's been here and who has not. The problem is that constant repeaters of just not showing up. I know in my department (Editorial), I have not seen pictures from some, I have seen almost NONE of the editing and sound, and others.
The Director, Emma P., has been  informed of the problems that deal with attendance and of any disputes from the crew.


And with all that said, here are links (again) to the videos mentioned above, and other, and some pictures.

Revised Logo
Created by: Colin W.

I was going to post some pictures of the crew that the photographers took but, currently, I am experiencing problems logging into the Dropbox account. Once I resolve this issue, I will post some of the shots.
Lauren F. has a lot of photos posted if you want to look at them. [ link ]

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