Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 4 @___@

In the fourth week of our group project, The Lost Files, the crunch was getting apparent to us. With this, a 'Documentary Deadline' was created. It has a list of what needs to be done by the documentary crew, the date it will be done, and if the job is already done. The list is posted on Google Docs so if you need it, send me a message and you'll get the link.

Along with the deadline that was made, a 'Documentary Script' was produced. This was produced mainly for Palmer who will be editing and putting together the documentary. This document is not necessary to share since it contains the script that Palmer himself will be reading and transition, effects, and what-not needed for editing.

Along with the deadline and script, there is a documentary credits list. This will be composed of pictures labeling who did what and will appear at the end of the documentary. This was a last minute decision due to Emma deciding that having the documentary in front of the short film to present it would not be a good idea and might detract from the finished short film, which is the star.


Deadline Dates That Have Been Decided:
  • Tues: All crew saying 'The Lost Files' for documentary
  • Tues: Re-interview the heads (Tara, Renée)
    • needs better quality
    • consistent lighting
    • better composition
  • All the photos taken of the Crew to be uploaded no later than Friday night
  • Documentary rough Tues/Thurs


The problems that have been encountered this week was absences. With certain people absent  I was not able to talk to them and know how everything was going. With Palmer's absence, I could not give him the video files or script to edit so that set the 'Making of.../Documentary' rough a little behind. 
However, Palmer did show us a completely awesome animatic with sound: Animatic - First Rough With Sound (cannot embed the file at the moment).


This weeks plan is to re-interview the heads, tie up any lose ends, have a rough documentary video done, and anything else that comes to my attention, or informed to me, that needs to get done.

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