Tuesday, November 6, 2012



And to tell exactly what I mean, the group project, The Lost Files, is due THURSDAY.
Holey Moley...

Now, with the panic over, let's get unto what problems, achievements, and what I have done to contribute to the project.

To start off, the problems that the documentary crew faced this week was the absence of our editor. Since I hadn't seen anything for the documentary before that, the crew and I were coming up with a back-up plan. The back-up plan was to take on the editing ourselves for the documentary. The amount of stress that was brought unto us was phenomenal Suddenly, in a week, we all had to put together a documentary! (We were not expecting that at all.) But in the midst of our panic, our editor appeared and a veil of relief was laid upon our minds.

Since the problem that was encountered this week has been told, let us move unto achievements. This week, we were able to contact the editor to our relief, a video of all of the crew saying, "The Lost Files" was shot, and the heads were re-interviewed.
The video of the crew saying, "The Lost Files" is for the documentaries ending. In the plan for the documentary, the documentary crew and I thought that would be a good way to end it.
Even though the heads had been interviewed once, it had to be done again. It was our mistake that we didn't check the sound, composition, or the lighting while shooting. With the interview done again, we have corrected out mistake and the interviews are looking swimmingly.

Okay, with that said, let me get to what I've done. This week I created the credits for the documentary, colored three scenes for the project, and had  to troubleshoot the problems that the visual crew were having with ToonBoom Harmony.
Currently, the credits for the documentary can't be completed since I do not have the music rights and cannot yet give the artists credit. Hopefully, I will get those soon to work on.
With the credits, I went a different direction from the main projects credits since: 1. They are shorter, and 2. I had to think of Baldessari's documentary.
So, even though I do not work in the visual side of the crew, I had enough time to take on the task of coloring three scenes for the project. I took this on because I am pretty comfortable with using ToonBoom and coloring in it. I was able to completely color the scenes in a day and have them uploaded to our dropbox.
Next, if you have ever worked in ToonBoom (specifically Harmony), you know how tricky it can be sometimes. At least with these problems, I was able to successfully fix them and then teach the crew how to properly export files into ToonBoom and add already made palettes to the files so coloring would remain consistent throughout.

Next time you see a post pertaining to the project, It will a celebration post of it's completion.
See ya then. c:

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