Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Design4Media Project Proposal

With the close of my first Design4Media project, the next one begins (and it is HUGE!)
Three big projects will take place, which leads to what this post is about:
My proposal for one of the many projects that could be chosen.

My idea is a film with 2D animation over top.
I related my idea to school and the general life of a student.
To start it off, you know those pesky USB drives and external hard drives we have?
What if they had a personality? What if they could become alive?
Have you ever been forgotten or ever forgotten your drive somewhere after a long, hard, grueling day?
Well, this student did. Staying up in the Cintiq labs until they close, she absent mindedly leaves her USB and her little USB man.
After the lights in the lab go to a dim and no human presence is left, they become alive.
Looking around, they decide they need to get back to their human. So they start their epic journey out of Kinney, across campus, and into Design Square.
With their journey underway, they encounter obstacles and the unknown...

Will they find her? How will they fare in their epic journey?
Well, you’ll see. c:

 So, if you've never been to the Cintiq labs in Kinney, here is some pictures:

Some sketches:

And next, we have our beloved USB man:


Unknown Concepts:

The USB man is very animated, and can think well in tight situations. He is the leader of the duo.
Then the USB drive, him and the man have been together through thick and thin and he is ready to defend when the time might become necessary.

With the basic storyline, let us get to the backbone.
First, the 'Pipeline':

 Director: the person in-charge of the production. They answer the questions and make the           decisions. Their law, besides the Executive Producers, are law. (Renee T.)

Art Direction: the person in-charge of visuals. (Emma P.)
  • Story: main script developer and oversees the storyboard artist(s). (Hillary H.)
  • Visual Dev.: in-charge of the visuals and the character dev. (Jinny H.)
  • Film: reads the storyboard and directors the video team. Also, instructs the video editors with their editing. (Christine P.)
  • Animation: in-charge of reading the storyboard and analyzing the film that is edited. Instructs the keyframers and tweeners what to animate and the size and scale. (Laura M.) (Katie F.)
  • Sound: finds sounds for the animation and balances the film audio and found/made audio.

Editorial: the person in-charge of the production documentation. They oversee all the non-art related aspects. (Tara N.)
  • Publicity: researches competitions and develops any necessary press releases and/or writings.
  • Pipeline: maintains the digital asset archive
  • Branding: generates all of the associated visual identity of he content
  • Documentary Crew: creates the making of' the film

And with that done and explained, ONTO THE TIME CHART! (Hurrah!)

And that concludes this project proposal.
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Sounds cool. I like the USB man; he reminds me of my R2D2 USB port. Would only he be animated, and the rest video footage?

    1. The USB man and his little buddy would be animated. Also, the unknown that they encounter on the way.

  2. I like the visual concept of this idea a lot. I think it would be awesome if just the main characters, and obviously villains, were animated and the scenery was either to remain as video footage, or maybe it would just be still photography with the animation on top.

    1. That what I proposed: Animated unknown and animated characters; Film footage in back.

  3. Like Toy Story but with technology, interesting. So USB Man is the main character and the USB following things are like sidekicks, and the use of the college rooms could be an interesting innovation. Well done.