Tuesday, September 25, 2012

d4m:: Final

What the last couple of weeks have led up too;
The final design for my Design4Media class.

This took forever to finish!
While in the process of creating my finished piece, I'd decided to experiment with some other filters in PhotoShop.
Here are some examples:

A little darker with a purple/pink tint.

&This on is without the texture and the colors are brighter.

For my process in the final product, I first drew a rough sketch.

After I did this, I did the final line art.

After I've got the la art done, I start putting in the flat colors;

With the flat colors done, I can go in and so some shading.
After all of that, I have my finished piece.
Usually, I'll experiment with the final product to see if I can enhance it even more.

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