Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Design4Media: Menagerie Concept

First Idea:
ZOMBIES! Zombies may be the overdone genre in art, movies, etc., but I want to give it a shot. See if I can appeal to the zombie fan masses. c;

Zombie Theme Components:
 ;dull color scheme
 ;sunken faces

More sketches of these interesting monsters to come!

Daily Delights: source

Inspirations for my zombie design  are from the recent zombie, stopmotion animation movie, 'ParaNorman' by Laika.

artisancakecompany: source

Second Idea:
"Rats In Hats" or "Fancy Rats Must Be In Hats".
I have chose this idea for two reasons: 1. my initials are RAT and 2. rats are intelligent creatures that deserve more positive attention.

Rat Theme Components:
 ;rats are wearing hats
 ;wearing clothes (or doing jobs)

Inspirations for my rats are from both ethe and marlenakate on deviantart.


She is an inspiration because of her color schemes in here work. They are very pleasant for the eye to view and they absolutely beautiful (in my opinion).
I've chosen her as an inspiration for my rats because, not necessary for the way she draws animals, but for the way she chooses colors.


Marlena is also an inspiration because she has a very Disney-esque style in a lot of her work and I adore it. Her sketches are very animated and capture whatever the creature/person is doing.
I've also chosen her for my rat inspiration because of her sketching style.

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