Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Final Choice? Zombies

First, let me start of with my background, which I was missing from my last post:

With this background I could finally combine all my colors into an unified palette.
And since I didn't have a unified color palette last class; here it is now:

This was a combination of all my palettes in my lasts drawings, including my background colors.

With this palette, I sketched out an ideal for my three zombie characters and colored it.
For the whole scheme, I found out that some of the colors didn't quite work with all the rest.
When I discovered that my initial unified palette wasn't really going to work effectively; I choose the main colors and created this:

This palette has the main flat colors that I used at the top and then on the bottom, I added my shade color to show how the palette becomes muted when the shading is added.

This is what my rough sketch for my composition looked like before I added the shading.
When I added the shading, the whole picture changed and became:

With further refining to my drawing, I hope to achieve my final result. 
At the moment, I'm getting the result that I wanted but, just not yet.

A plan to create more thumbnail sketches and play with the composition. They will all follow the relative color relationship in this one but, different.