Tuesday, September 11, 2012

D4M: Post 2

With my zombies, I dappled in three different, but similar palettes. For one of my zombie sketches, I stuck with my original idea of just dull colors. Realizing that it is a little boring and needs a 'PoP', I decided to experiment in adding brighter colors like the yellow and yellow-orange. Just to experiment further into a color scheme I used, brighter colors and stole from the palette of my 'Rats In Fancy Hats' idea.

With further research into my zombie color palette, I found the zombies from 'The Walking Dead' tv show and decided to look at their color scheme also.

With my 'Rats In Fancy Hats', I've decided to stuck with Marlena's palette of the brown. Also, with ethe's palette, I was going to incorporate that in the rats with their clothes and props.