Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 03_The Nude and My Death

We had a nude model to draw from in our most recent class.
I'd have to say, this guy was in general, quite fun to draw. 
He had good poses and an interesting body shape.

In conjunction with my basic synopsis of the pictures yet to come,
this week has been utterly terrible. I've been fighting a cold that seems to just
get worse and worse.  I would of had more than my 52 gestures, but had to leave early 
because of breathingproblems. I'm really just want this cold to go away so I can 
be back to normal.When I am doing better, I will post some sketches I did from 
YouTube videosto make up for what I had missed when leaving class early.

Ready to actually see the gestures? 
I shall quite speaking, and let you progress through the post.

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