Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exercise 01_The First Exercise

This week has not been a good week.
First, my carpal tunnel flared up and then I get sick.
The all-up-in-the-head sick.

Well, this is the first homework exercise for my Cafe Sketch class.
The prompt was:

"For your first exercise outside of our normal drawing sessions, please do the following:
-Find three (3) classic European drawings or paintings online from between the sixteenth (16th ) and nineteenth (19th ) Centuries, with each painting containing no fewer than five (5) figures.-Lean towards more dynamic compositions –i.e., ones that have a variety of poses, depth, and employ weight shift and/or foreshortening.-Recreate each painting into a line drawing on a single page in your sketchbook, converting the human forms into primitives (spheres, elliptical solids, cylinders, cubes, rectilinear solids, cones). 
Concentrate on drawing volumes. Just as in class, start lightly, gradually working darker with more confident marks. You may make the arms and legs cylindrical or rectilinear solids, while the torso and waist can be cube-like."

So, whether I like these or not, ici.

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