Thursday, December 13, 2012

Le Finalement!

The end of the end. 
After countless hours and a few revisions, I present my final project.

I'd have to say it has come along way from those first sketches I did:
These were just the beginning. I've changed a lot in the process.

Going on my post from last week: < link >

Dear Martha, I'd done a lot of work in that week.

So in the end of this project I've managed to learn Illustrator and become more efficient while working in it. I've also learned that Illustrator can be very temperamental if you try to use it like Photoshop. Euh.

Back unto the work, I really liked how it came out. I love the combination of flat colors with textures and gradients. Happy that someone have me the idea to at least try it out. c:

If you would like to know about this project from the beginning, here's a conilogical list of all of my previous blog posts:

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